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Share the Love







So you love what you do, right?


And as a result, you’re probably pretty good at it, too?


But are you like many of our members who could use some more work?


Well, what are you doing about it?



There are so many things in our lives we know are good, and good for us, but we need to be reminded of them. We invented the chair; it is in our nature to use it. Think about how many messages we encounter that encourage us to get out of our chair and embrace life.


I subscribe to Runner’s World magazine; reading it is built-in inspiration delivered to me monthly. If I’m not on track with my training when it arrives, just reading about others gets me on track immediately.


YOU are your clients’ built-in inspiration. Who are you going to inspire today?


You know who I inspired today? Hopefully YOU. Go get ‘em, tiger.