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Larry King Style



April 2, 2013

Well, I am back after a few weeks off. My last blog post about why I believe massage is not health care generated some good back and forth discussions, including some that resulted in me being called “unprofessional.” That of course is incorrect—I get paid therefore I am a professional. I gave up my amateur status long ago.

Thanks to those folks responsible for the good, productive posts—of course massage and bodywork affect the health systems of the body; I was just pointing out how different massage therapy is from what we traditionally refer to as “health care.”

This post takes a different tack. Remember when Larry King would have a column in USA Today? To wit, my observations:


If I had delivered my “massage is not health care” post as a speech, it would have been more readily understood. Written word lacks the nuance and inflection that can identify context. Want proof? Read any comment ever posted on a blog or other online article. Most are much more pointed than we are in normal discourse.

Conversation beats monologue any day.

I love tomatoes (except these), but I do not enjoy cutting them.

I will never train for another marathon in the winter again.

Opening Day in baseball is the start of spring, and warms your soul.

I am not sure if I will train for another marathon again, but I am not optimistic.

If you think ABMP membership is about insurance, you need to look closer.

I still know the starting lineup of the 1977 Phillies.

The weather in Colorado is generally fantastic, but today’s chilly fog leaves a little to be desired.

Need some new music to listen to? Check out Pinegrove. Awesome.

And pay for their music. Pay for all music. These people aren’t volunteers.

My two favorite shows on TV right now are Game of Thrones and Homeland.

The best way to build a successful practice is to concentrate on volume. Fill your dance card every week.

It stinks when your team is in last place.

It all really comes down to diet and exercise, doesn’t it? As the Open Space signs say, “shortcuts cause erosion.”

Given my level of preparation (thanks to juggling injury, pneumonia, and the desire to hibernate), completing the Boston Marathon is going to be a major challenge for me, but also a fantastic experience.

As Larry said, "see ya around."


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