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This morning, I sent an e-mail to my work colleagues, family, friends, hockey teammates, cousins, siblings, and anyone else I could find requesting their support in my fundraising efforts for the Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF). It made me think about how challenging it is to ask something of others—in this case, asking for their money. Many massage and bodywork professionals face the same challenge daily in developing their practices. I am generally an easy touch—I support a decent number of causes. This past year, I started to exercise a little more discipline in my charitable giving. My wife and I support a handful of charities, both local and national, that resonate with us. In addition, I am always willing to support causes friends and family are involved with. I have a few ABMP colleagues and college friends who support the National MS Society through their bike rides, and we support those. So in my mind, I felt comfortable asking my circle to support me in my Boston endeavor for the MTF. However, when you are ready to send that email, you always have that feeling of, “you know you’re asking people for money, right?” I put that twinge aside and hit send, and have been delighted and flattered at the level of support I’ve received since. I have such great people in my life, and I count them among my blessings. In my 18 years of service in the massage and bodywork profession, I would venture that making “the ask” is the biggest challenge the typical therapist faces. Many professionals simply aren’t comfortable asking for a new client’s business, or asking for a higher fee, or asking for a repeat booking. And that, my friends, is THE barrier to success for too many of us. Don’t be afraid to ask. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. The worst thing that can happen is you’ll hear, “no,” or silence. That’s okay. Concentrate on the Yeses, and keep looking forward.   Road to Boston: Week 15 I am back on my schedule, although a few weeks behind on the distance. But my lungs are cooperating from being sick, and although my legs filed for divorce after day 2, we’ve patched things up. And, I still need your support. Click here to help me get to Boston!     Prefer to receive more from Les in small doses? Follow him on Twitter — @abmp_les.


"Outside the Room:" with Brooke Riley, LMT

In this episode of Outside the Room, CG Funk is joined by licensed massage therapist Brooke Riley to discuss massage therapy career growth and industry evolution. 



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