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Give Thanks


For Thanksgiving, I usually like to mention the gratitude I have for all our members, and the support they have shown us. All of us here at ABMP feel that way every day of the year, and I hope our effort shows this.

But for this post, I want to say “thanks” to a different audience—the fabulous members of our team.

Thank you, Jean Robinson and Nancy Potter—for providing excellent analysis, support and advocacy for our members in the area of government and regulatory issues.

Thank you to our crackerjack Information Services team—Lara, Tracy, Drew, Brandon, Scott, and Abram—for spearheading a massive and critical task of shifting our information management systems to a new platform. Your dedication to the effort has been essential, and greatly appreciated.

To our unparalleled Communication Services team—Leslie, Darren, Amy, James, Jed, Karrie, Carrie, Angie, and Hannah, who conspire and collaborate to produce Massage & Bodywork magazine among other valuable resources. You create the best magazine in the field, hands down, no contest, end of story. No one else is even close.

To our education team—Anne, Kristen, Taffie, Cindy, Katie, Kathy, and Brian. From webinars to IFL and BizFit workshops to school relations, you all are the standard-setters. Others may try to imitate, but no one can replicate what you do.

To our fulfillment team—Matt, Colin, and Shayla, who make sure all those materials end up in your mailbox.

To our sisters-in-arms in our sister organizations—Associated Skin Care Professionals and Associated Hair Professionals—who are doing great work in helping to grow and build those respective professions.

To our other teammates who continue to provide outstanding support:  Debbie, Connie, Linda, Carolyn, Kristine, and Jenny. These talented individuals help our members solve problems, and maximize their return on their membership investment. A special thanks to Debbie, who has shown up every day for 18+ years and helped members in their darkest days—having suffered a claim or other unfortunate incident—and provided steady, thoughtful, professional service.

And there’s Bob Benson, too—not a bad guy to work with for the past 16 years, and a true leader in every sense of the word.

But I have saved the best for last—Allison Ault, Bree Schwiegerath, Carol Horton, Collette Peterson, Jacqui Arata, Janice Pageler, Jared Oliver, Jen Nickerson, Jessa Noll, Kelly Whitaker, Kimberly Miles, Mary Heinz, Nikole Carroll, and Ronda Johnson. All they do is answer 75,000+ calls per year from members and prospective members, who (as I like to say) call not because they have nothing better to do, but because they typically need some assistance. And they get what they need from these fantastic people—quickly. And for that I am eternally grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving to these great people, and to all of you.

Road to Boston: Week 4

Making progress! The weather has cooperated, and the miles are adding up quickly. Fast? Not yet. Getting easier? You bet. I think I’ve earned some turkey and stuffing!


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