Be Santa

My 10-year-old son is at the stage where his concern over Santa Claus’ existence is reaching a boiling point. He knows what he hears in school, but he also knows what he wants to believe. When he asked me about the jolly old elf, I echoed my wife’s traditional response to our boys—“If you don’t believe, you don’t receive.” I followed that up with, “What do you believe?” Hearing that he is confident in Santa’s presence (and presents!), I said, “Well then, that’s all you need to worry about.” This time of year, many of us return to a simpler, seemingly happier time, when our concerns were what night Rudolph and Charlie Brown were on television, or what day we were getting or decorating the tree. Being raised in a Catholic family, we were always reminded of the “true” reason for the season. As an adult, I find my reason for the season revolves around time spent with those who matter most, simple traditions that give us comfort, and efforts to avoid the behaviors and attitudes that threaten to poison our thoughts and feelings around the holidays. Also, I try to avoid too much gluttony. Here’s to you finding that happy place that gives you the holiday spirit. As a professional practitioner and entrepreneur, you can be Santa this time of year as well. How are you making the season special for your friends and clients? We’re inundated with greetings and thanks during the holidays. But now’s the time to thank your clients as well as shape their 2011 behavior, and that includes inspiring them to utilize your talents on a regular basis! Give your clients an e-mail present this week: a post-Christmas discount, deal, or thank you. Instead of racing to the mall, give them a reason to come see you—an extra 15 minutes of bodywork for free. Instead of a bottle of scotch, give them real pain relief—two, free 10-minute neck and shoulder drop-ins in January. Be Santa. Share your good tidings with those loyal clients who pay your bills, and fill up your January schedule at the same time. Happy Holidays.

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New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Survey

New Mexico's governor and the Regulation and Licensing Department are looking to streamline the application and renewal procedures for licensure. Participate in the survey before December 7, 2021.


Reaching Out to Massage Clients During the Holidays

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Connecting with clients during the holiday season has become a customary part of most MTs’ annual marketing plans. But that doesn’t mean your client communications this time of year have to be a hard sell.


Free Partner Webinar: How to Use Topical Analgesics in Your Bodywork

ABMP CE Summit sponsor Stopain Clinical is offering a free webinar for massage therapists and bodyworkers titled "How to Use Topical Analgesics in Your Bodywork" on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. ET.

The open-forum Q&A event will feature a panel hosted by InReach Health's Craig Hall and featuring Dr. Jeff Forman, Nathalie Cecelia, Teresa Matthews, and Mira Rucker.

ABMP CE Summit Course: A Global Approach to the Knee

Join Allison Denney as she connects connective tissue and manages muscle tissue in and around the knee. Take a closer look at what moves this knobby joint toward dysfunction and gain some perspectives and techniques that bring balance to an otherwise off-kilter structure. 

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