My blog musings have taken a back seat while I tended to a few work and non-work items. My intent has never been to be a regular blogger, meaning several times a week; my feeling is that our members are likely wanting more productive use of my time. But I’d rather not take a month between postings. Sometimes life gets in the way, right? While I was on hiatus, a neat thing happened—Massageprofesionals.com kept growing, and surpassed 5,000 members (as I type this, the total is 5,251). This online community started last July, and in 9 months has become a valuable community for massage and bodywork professionals with a vibrant life of its own. For the uninitiated, here’s a sampling of the types of activity shared on Massageprofessionals.com recently: Forum Discussions: The Value of Social Media, Massage and Cancer, Chair Massage Choices, Book Recommendations Blog postings: Where Does Energy Work Belong?, Massage Franchises: Taking the Discussion Further, Massage Practice Building Groups: Lisa’s Rowdy Group of MT’s, Massage Therapy Instructors, Essential Oils We Use in Our Practices, Orthopedic Massage, LMTs Who have Chronic Pain Issues I’ve had the opportunity to interact with and occasionally speak before gatherings of massage therapists; it’s one of the most enjoyable parts of my job. I equate Massageprofessionals.com as a virtual version of these meetings. We didn’t really have a crystal ball when we launched Massageprofessionals.com; our hope was that perhaps several hundred to a thousand professionals would find value in the idea of community. So we’ve been pleasantly surprised. Now that we’re here, my hope is to aim higher—how can we make Massageprofessionals.com a more useful place for you and your colleagues? Should we take the party offline? We have participants from all 50 states and 45 countries—perhaps the next step is to organize meet-ups and generate more personal interaction in addition to our virtual interaction. I’d love to hear your ideas about where we go from here. As I said when we launched Massageprofessionals.com—it’s your party; we just rented the hall.