3 out of 5



  What if you and I went into a convenience store, bought some lottery tickets, and the clerk said to us, “Just so you know, your chances of winning are 3 in 5.” Now, if you’ve never heard or seen a lottery ad in your life, good for you, but for the rest of us, we know there’s usually a disclaimer or fine print like this:   Odds of winning are 1 in 175 million.   And that’s not an exaggeration—those are the odds of winning Powerball on a single ticket. See above!   Certainly some of the smaller stakes, “scratch” tickets have much better odds, right? Well, yes—one in my state says odds are “1 in 3.95,” but that “overall probability of winning includes break-even prizes.” So that definition of winning includes not losing.   So if I hear my odds of winning are 3 in 5, my first reaction is, “that’s too good to be true.”   Well, it is true. For you. The odds of an average American adult being a current, former, or potentially interested consumer of massage are 3 in 5. Our most recent consumer survey, conducted by Harstad Strategic Research, nearly 60% of American adults fell into this group.   Great news! The chances of you finding a new client are 3 in 5. So how do you find those clients?   Look, I can’t give you all the answers at once—stay tuned, and read the Business Side column by the great Kristin Coverly and me in Massage & Bodywork magazine for more details! Happy Easter!