Keeping Clients Safe

Using his experience as an expert witness and massage therapy ethics educator, noted author Dr. Ben Benjamin has written a three-part series in Massage & Bodywork titled, “Keeping Clients Safe.” This series touches on three distinct aspects of client care:

As part of the last installment in this series, Dr. Benjamin created a small library of resources that can be used by employers, new employees, educators, and anyone else who needs a refresher in some of these aspects of the therapeutic relationship.

25 Verbal Interview Questions for Prospective Employees

Scenarios to Role-Play with Prospective Employees 

Practical Hands-On Interview Checklist

How to Conduct an Online Search for Prospective Employees

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Sample Client Survey

The Role of Professional and Peer-to-Peer Supervision in Massage Therapy

Client Bill of Rights and Brochure Recommendations

Misconduct Complaint Process

Mystery Shopper as a Preventative and Investigative Measure

Trustpilot Reviews

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