Elevator Speeches

What's Your 30-Second Pitch

By Abram Herman
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Have you ever gained new clients by simply approaching them in public? Here’s how to make the 30-second elevator speech a successful strategy.
Many of the people you meet are excellent candidates for massage therapy. Whether they’re a harried mother looking for some stress relief, a wellness-minded person who has yet to experience the health benefits of massage, or someone with a specific injury or complaint that you could help, each has the potential to become your newest client—if you can convince him or her to give your work a chance.
You may initially hesitate at the thought of approaching  complete strangers to try and “sell” them something, but a simple change in your mind-set can make all the difference. Most practicing massage therapists and bodyworkers got into the profession out of a desire to help others; rather than thinking of your elevator speech as selling people on your massage practice, make your intention to help them realize the potential benefits of massage and bodywork.
If you truly care about helping people discover the benefits of massage, that attitude will show, and many people will be interested as a result. That’s what therapist Cami Hostetler in Washington has found: “When you genuinely connect with someone, especially when you first meet, there’s a high likelihood that they’ll book an appointment. The goal for me is to get people to book massages—whether with me or with the clinic down the street—as long as they get the treatment they need!” Of course, it’s still a good idea to give them your business card or other contact information so they have an immediate option should they decide to book an appointment.
Now that you’re ready to approach some potential clients, how can you convince them it’s worth their time and money to visit you? Following are some of our readers’ favorite speeches.

Relaxation and Stress Relief
Imagine gaining someone’s undivided attention for a full hour—someone whose sole purpose is to ease your pain and stress so you will feel amazing. I would love to spend an hour with you soon. Here’s my card. Have a lovely day!
—Tammy Ware, Michigan

Some days are trying, aren’t they? I can help you with that! (Charming smile inserted here.)
—Robin Kimbrel Wiggs, Colorado

Prevention and Overall Health
Just like we maintain our car or house, massage does the same for the body. It’s routine maintenance so it doesn’t quit on us. As much as we use our body, we need to take care of it twice as much.
—Cami Hostetler, Washington

I would love to give you one of my cards so you can book a bodywork session with me. I can help you not only physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as well. Have a great day!
—Pat Ward, Illinois

Treatment of Existing Conditions
I specialize in the treatment of chronic muscle and joint pain using a variety of techniques such as deep-tissue massage, Thai yoga bodywork, and reflexology. When was the last time you received a massage?
—Velvet Madrid, California

Excuse me, I noticed you rubbing your hip/hand/shoulder/neck. I am a licensed massage therapist, certified in therapeutic massage techniques. I may be able to relieve your pain.
—Gary Addis, Mississippi

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