Lisa Popienko

This long-time member sees her work as more than massage

By Brandon Twyford
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The first thing that comes through when you speak with Lisa “Montana” Popienko is her intense passion for her work. She’s built her life around supporting others, and her varied life experiences have given her a unique perspective on the results that are possible to achieve through bodywork.

Based in Georgia, Popienko has long fostered a deeply personal connection to nature and the land she lives on, which she says she is a “steward” for. She has studied extensively with Native American elders and frequently takes part in sacred ceremonies, including drum circles and sweat lodges.

Popienko, who has been an ABMP member since 1992, says the key to her practice’s success has been “building relationships based on integrity and respect, as well as having great communication.” She sees her work as more than just massage. “Being a witness to another’s journey is an honor and a privilege, and to see another’s heart grow more self-love and self-acceptance is a gift,” she says.

Several years ago, Popienko was inspired by the unique and powerful experience her 12-year-old son had at a youth wilderness camp in Georgia. Mountain Wisdom Camp ( provides teens and families with “transformational experiences and challenging outdoor adventures focusing on nature awareness and responsibility.” Based on the amazing experience she and her son shared, Popienko wants more youths to have the opportunity to attend the camp. “This year, I am allowing an even bigger vision to unfold, of getting more volunteers and to encourage folks to sponsor a child who would benefit from this year’s camp,” she says. If you’re interested in learning more about the camp, or sponsoring an underserved youth to attend, email