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September/October 2014 Issue

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Dress Your Table

Looks from $10 to $100

By Mariah Culbertson

The way you dress your table can enhance and update the appearance of your entire room. Here are some easy ideas for different budgets.

Under $10
Bolster Cover
Bolster covers not only protect the bolster, but a silky fabric will allow ease of movement when sliding the bolster in and out from under your client. There are plenty of colors and prints available to tie in with your current décor or open up an array of color options. For under $10, a new bolster cover lets you quickly add pizzazz to a treatment table.

Under $20
Contrasting Sheets
Just changing sheet colors can have a big impact on your room’s design. To create interest, use contrast instead of matching sheet and blanket colors. Consider brown sheets for a bold change, or moonstone gray or agate blue for a more soothing appeal. A new microfiber flat and fitted sheet set is a smart design change that costs very little.

Under $30
Plush Throw Blanket
Wrap clients in plush softness. A velour or polar fleece throw is an easy, practical way to add decoration and warmth—and it’s also a wonderful retail option for your clients to take home. Throws come in all types of fabrics and colors; choosing the most sumptuous ones puts clients in the lap of luxury while giving your room depth and texture.

Under $50
Pillowcase and Quilted Blanket
One of the most economical ways to create a serene yet sophisticated look in your treatment room is to keep it simple. A two-color palette with some texture thrown in dresses a table beautifully! Using soft colors that complement each other, as shown here, conveys a sense of calmness and tranquility. A cushy pillow is a functional addition to many treatments and modalities, and creates a comfortable first impression even if you don’t use it during the session. A quilted blanket or other interesting texture can add just the right amount of flair to your design and eliminate the need to spend on other accent elements.

Under $80
Reversible Blanket and Reversible Saddle
Can you imagine any quicker way to change your room? An accent saddle dresses up a table, and reversible saddles can be found for under $20. Combining a reversible blanket and a reversible accent saddle gives you four different possible looks for $60–$80 total.

Under $100
Everything, and a Table Skirt, Too
You like multiple table accents, and you want it all? Go for it! Dressing a table couldn’t be more fun when you have several pieces to mix and match. With a little searching, you can put together your ideal combination of a table skirt, reversible blanket, reversible saddle, and bolster cover for $100 or less. A simple, neutral palette with one or two items in a print to tie it all together will look like you paid a professional designer—and that’s how to change up your room easily, beautifully, and economically!

Mariah Culbertson is a trained esthetician and massage therapist. The examples shown in this article are from the Sposh collection, by Universal Companies.

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