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Title: Licensed Massage Therapist
Requirements: 500 hours plus MBLEx or NCBTMB; liability insurance
Renewal: 10 hours/2 years

Regulation Type: 
State License

Oklahoma Will Start Accepting Massage License Applications on August 26

Under Oklahoma’s new massage therapy law, every massage therapist must hold a state-issued massage therapy license by May 1, 2017 in order to practice after that date. If you do not have a license by May 1, 2017, you will not be able to legally practice in Oklahoma until you get your license. We had expected that the Cosmetology Board would issue regulations filling in the details of the new massage law prior to making license applications available, but the Board has instead issued application forms before issuing regulations.

Oklahoma Now Accepting Applications for Massage Therapy Advisory Board - Apply ASAP If You Are Interested

Under the new Oklahoma massage therapy licensing law, the State Cosmetology Board is responsible for the regulation of massage therapists, with the assistance of a five-member Advisory Board on Massage Therapy. The Advisory Board will assist the Cosmetology Board in carrying out the provisions of the new law with respect to the qualifications, examination, registration, regulation, and standards of professional conduct of massage therapists.

2016 Oklahoma Massage Therapist Licensing Bill

Currently, Oklahoma is one of only five states in the country that does not regulate massage therapists.  Bills have been introduced in past years proposing to regulate massage therapists in Oklahoma, but none have succeeded in the legislature.  Oklahoma Senate Bill 687, introduced this legislative session, once again proposes state regulation of massage therapists in Oklahoma by a system of mandatory licensing.

Oklahoma Massage Therapy Licensing Bill Introduced

A new bill, OK SB 687, has been introduced in the Oklahoma State Senate which, if passed, would require that all Oklahoma massage therapists obtain a state massage therapy license in order to practice. Additionally, anyone using any title indicating that he or she is a massage therapist, or who uses the term “massage” in advertising, would be required to have a massage therapy license. Click here to read the bill.

Two Oklahoma Bills Introduced to Require Licensing of Massage Therapists, Both Fail

As previously reported, two bills were introduced in 2013 with the intent of regulating massage therapists at the state level. One bill attempted to regulate massage therapists under the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners; the other under the State Board of Medical Licensure. Both bills needed significant changes in order to earn the support of ABMP and the rest of the massage therapy profession. Neither bill progressed through the legislature this year.

Oklahoma Bills Would Require that Massage Therapists Become Licensed

Two bills have been introduced in the Oklahoma state legislature which would require that all massage therapists in Oklahoma have state licenses in order to practice, and that all massage schools have state licenses in order to operate.  Neither bill has been set for hearing in the legislature.  ABMP is opposed to both of these bills unless significant changes are made.


House Bill 3199, sponsored by Representative Lee Denney, would have established a Massage Therapy Practice Act and created the Oklahoma Massage Therapy Advisory Committee to advise the State Board of Health in the licensing of massage therapists and massage schools. The bill is considered dead for the 2008 legislative session. ABMP will inform members of legislative efforts that may be attempted in the future.


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