There is no state regulation. Contact your City Clerk to find local requirements.

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No State Regulation

Grassroots Involvement in Minnesota State Regulation of MT's 

Minnesota is one of the few remaining states that does not license or certify massage therapists. Last spring, we sent you a survey asking if you like the current system of local (city or town) licensure, or would prefer a uniform statewide system regulating massage therapists. Thank you to those of you who participated in the survey. As expected, some survey respondents support statewide licensure, while some do not. 

Minnesota Voluntary Credentialing Bill Status – Contact Your Legislators Before the Legislative Session Starts

As mentioned in our prior update, the Minnesota voluntary credentialing bill for massage therapists did not pass last year.  However, the bill will be considered again this year in the Minnesota House of Representatives as House File 644, along with companion bill Senate File 1310. Representative Nick Zerwas is the chief author of HF 644 and there are over 25 co-authors.


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