Washington State Bills Would Assist Out of State License Applicants

Two bills recently introduced in the Washington State Legislature, HB 2781 and SB 6399, would open a pathway for applicants who attended certain massage schools that are not approved by the Washington Massage Board, including out-of-state schools, to obtain a Washington state massage license.  Specifically, under the bills, the Board would be required to adopt rules to allow Board-approved massage education programs to establish transfer programs that accept a person’s credits or clock hours from schools that have not been approved by the Board.  The non-approved school must be a school that is either accredited by a national or regional accreditation organization, approved by a state authority with responsibility for oversight of vocational programs; or approved by a state agency that regulates massage programs and is a member of the federation of state massage therapy boards. 

Two additional bills, HB 2425 and SB 6181, propose to change the title of Washington licensee from “massage practitioner” and “animal massage practitioner” to “massage therapist” and “animal massage therapist,” which are the more commonly used professional titles nationally. 

We will keep you updated on the status of these bills.