Ohio Decreases Massage Therapy Training Hours to 600

In a bill that covers a host of regulatory issues, House Bill 442 (HB 442) passed the Ohio House on December 22, 2020. HB 442 modifies the minimum number of education and training hours for massage therapists. Required training hours will decrease from 750 to 600 and will become effective April 12, 2021. View the decreased training hours on page 58 of the linked document and note the amended subject areas detailed below:

  • 275 hours in anatomy, physiology, and pathology
  • 275 hours in massage theory and practical (including hygiene)
  • 25 hours in ethics
  • 25 hours in business and law

This reduction in hours does not affect current licensees. Moving forward, after the effective date licensees will need to have a diploma that shows 600 hours with these specific requirements.

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