Louisiana HB 792 Passed With Significant Changes

The bill discussed in our most recent legislative alert, HB 792, was signed into law by Governor Edwards on June 17, 2016.  The bill was amended significantly during the legislative process, removing all of the provisions that ABMP opposed.  We thank all of you who contacted your legislators to voice your concerns during the process. 

The new law amends Louisiana’s massage therapy statute, but only in the following three ways: 

  • A massage license is now required for trigger point massage
  • The law now requires that “In all pictorial representations for any advertisement representing massage therapy, including such representations through video, all persons representing massage therapists shall be attired and posed in a manner as to avoid appealing to the prurient interest. Persons representing clients shall be appropriately draped and posed.”
  • The law now specifically states that nothing in the law “shall prevent local or state law enforcement representatives or municipal or city officials from assisting in the enforcement of [this law]. However, such representatives and officials are prohibited from imposing any additional rules or ordinances regarding zoning, educational requirements, or fees for licensure.

Click here to read the new law.