Proposed Massage Licensing Rules Are Available for Comment

The Idaho Board of Massage Therapy has been drafting rules to implement the state massage licensure law  which was signed by Governor Otter in April 2012.  When fully implemented, the law will require that all massage therapists in Idaho obtain state licenses in order to practice. The Board has now issued proposed rules.  These are not final rules, and the massage law is not in effect yet.  The law will not be in effect until sometime in 2013, and license applications will not be available until probably March or April of 2013.  Therefore, there is nothing you need to do right now with respect to applying for a license.  We will let you know when the rules are made final and license applications are available. Because the proposed regulations will affect your practice, please take a moment to read both the Idaho Board’s proposed regulations themselves, as well as ABMP’s comments.  ABMP has been in communication with the Board throughout the drafting process, voicing our opinions and concerns, and at this point our comments are mostly technical in nature. Your individual comments concerning the proposed rules are encouraged as well.  If you would like to submit comments to the Board, you must do so by October 24, 2012.  Comments can be emailed to the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses.