2016 School Forum - Memphis, TN

ABMP School Forum
April 22 - April 23, 2016
The ABMP School Forum in Memphis, Tennessee on April 23, 2016, was a huge success and it was a privilege to work with the dedicated educators who attended this event. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, ideas, and creative dreams for the future of our profession. 

If you’ve never been to an ABMP School Forum, we hope you’ll attend one of the two remaining Forums in Scottsdale or Philadelphia this year.  Here’s what attendees at the Memphis ABMP School Forum had to share about the event:
"The Forum is a remarkable learning and networking event. It's the only conference that focuses on school administration and education.  I need that support as a school owner." 
"I felt very supported and inspired to recognize and make changes where needed. I learned many new ideas for improving our recruitment and student experience."
"This Forum by far exceeded my expectations. I thought it would be more for administrators, but it included some very important and helpful information for instructors also."
"ABMP has its thumb on the pulse of school challenges and provides current and relevant information and solutions."
"There is no value you could place on the importance of this Forum. Every school should send at least one person each year to gain better insight on all aspects of being an educational institution."