What Basic Skill Do You Need an Annual Refresher?

[Round the Table]

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I always need to remind myself about body mechanics—I get so focused on the clients’ needs that I find myself in really bad alignment sometimes. Massage marketing is always helpful, too.

Soothing Solutions Therapeutic Massage


I would love a refresher on session notes (SOAPs).

Natalie Marsh

I sometimes need a refresher on basic Swedish. I incorporate different techniques into my massages, and I sometimes forget how to give a basic, relaxing Swedish massage.

Jose Acevedo


Positional release. In the beginning of my massage career, I didn’t practice that enough, and now I’m looking to use it more.

Gaylene LeVally


Body mechanics. I feel as if year after year, my body mechanics get worse and worse.

Martha Burns


Business, marketing, body mechanics, time management, and draping, especially for some of the more intricate stretching, range-of-motion, and other techniques that require more secure draping.

Linda Morris


Body mechanics—always working on that!

John Keller Jr.


A&P and documentation would be awesome.

Diana Bieker


I think that any spa treatment training would be helpful for someone like me who really needs experience in that setting, just so that I can get hired by a spa.

Gabriel E. Jolley


I’m still new at this, but the more I learn and want to help my clients, the harder it is to not run out of time or to tie it all together. Some good old-fashioned time management tips would be great.

Don Ockey


A&P. It’s been awhile and I would like to refresh.

Adrienne McKnight


Body mechanics! I catch myself and readjust during session, but need it to be natural throughout entire session.

Melissa Laux