Help Others “Get” the Value of Massage

By Leslie A. Young
[Editor's Note]

You “get” it. You’re reading Body Sense, so chances are you’re well educated about the therapeutic effects of massage and bodywork. We recently commissioned a national consumer research survey, and 37 percent of American adults say they’ve had a massage. And—not surprisingly—75 percent of them were satisfied with the experience. 

These stats flow from Body Sense’s publisher—Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP), the nation’s leading association for massage and bodywork professionals. Every two years, ABMP authorizes this survey, and this year we were also reminded that 40 percent of those surveyed have never had a massage, and they say they probably never will. 

In my book, that’s an unacceptable response. Those of us who are bodywork converts know massage is a not-so-secret pathway to wellness. Therefore, it’s our joy (nay, duty?) to share the word with others. Your practitioner can tout the benefits of bodywork, but there’s nothing like hearing about a relaxing, soothing, pain-relieving experience from a friend. 

Every issue of Body Sense also helps spread the word, so feel free to forward this link to deserving friends and family members. Help them “get” it—so they understand the true value of frequent therapeutic massage and bodywork. As we know, feeling is believing. 

Which reminds me: have you booked your next massage?