Bring Home The Bacon

Clients’ Preferred Ways of paying for their sessions

By Jed Heneberry

During ABMP’s 2013 National Consumer Survey, we asked massage clients how they prefer to pay for their sessions. Their answers might just make you change how you run your practice.

Statistics courtesy of Harstad Strategic Research, January 2013.


prefer to pay 

with a Check

Surprised this is so low? If you only accept cash or checks, it’s time to face the fact that clients prefer newer methods of payment. 


prefer to pay 

with A credit card

If your practice is not set up to accept credit card payments, you aren’t serving a majority of your clients as well as you could be. You can use your smartphone to process charges with companies like CellCharge (ABMP members receive a discount), GoPayment, and Square.


prefer to pay 

with cash

There’s nothing wrong with accepting cash, unless the IRS finds you don’t report it correctly at the end of the year. Accept it, record it, report it, and you’ll be in the clear.


prefer to pay 

with a debit card

This is good news for you. Fees charged to you for payment by debit card are usually less than those charged for credit cards. Consider using the word “debit” when asking clients if they’d like to pay by card, and make sure your marketing materials say it as well.

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