Meeting & Greeting

By Leslie Young
[Editor's Note]

I’m fortunate to travel quite a bit on behalf of ABMP, connecting and learning from many of you. One of my favorite venues is the American Massage Conference (AMC), where ABMP is proud to be the education sponsor. Most of my interactions on the road are fulfilling, but some stand out.

At the first AMC in Atlanta in 2011, two practitioners came to our booth with a copy of the May/June 2011 Massage & Bodywork, our award-winning issue about oncology massage. It was especially meaningful to them because they were the sister and daughter of a woman who’d died of breast cancer. They were delightful and passionate about their work and wanted to thank us for that issue. As a survivor and Massage & Bodywork editor, I was touched beyond words. 

Two years later, at the spring 2013 AMC in Atlanta, I met longtime ABMP member Fred Hernandez from Puerto Rico. Since joining ABMP in April 1994, Fred’s seen many changes in the profession—and his association. He lives in one of the farthest reaches of ABMP territory, but told me his experience with ABMP’s customer service has been exceptional. He said he really appreciates how ABMP has made his member benefits so accessible online. For example, he loves how ABMP and technology have made it easier to get his insurance documents in a timely manner. “You made it possible for us to get them the moment we need them.” 

Hernandez is a sterling example of someone who’s nurtured a successful career in bodywork. In fact, he has taken his passion to radio and television in Puerto Rico. He talks about the benefits of bodywork and loves to empower consumers, teaching them how they can live healthy lifestyles. He’s also interested in seeing advanced education raise the bar in our field. He’s one example of so many exceptional bodyworkers I wouldn’t have met if not for this conference.

This September, I’ll be at the fall AMC in San Diego, September 13–15, and you can be, too. In fact, ABMP members get a $100 discount on the registration price through Labor Day by visiting I can hardly wait to see who I’ll meet and learn from! Will it be you?

Leslie A. Young, Editor-in-Chief

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