9 Tips for the New Year

Live Authentically in 2013

By Kathleen McIntire and Erin Cote

Authenticity. It’s one of those words that gets tossed around quite a bit these days. Sure, we all think we’re authentic in our words and actions, but what does that actually mean? More to the point, what does an authentic life really look like? Following are nine tips for getting real in various areas of your life.


Know What Really Matters 

Maybe you’re OK with a smaller income and more free time. Never apologize for your decisions. The minute you find yourself worrying about how others perceive you is the minute you abandon authenticity.


Own Your Decisions 

Want to take a quiet vacation alone this holiday instead of gathering with the family? Then embrace your decision. If you find you can’t own it, it’s time to re-think what you’re doing.


Be Realistic 

Let’s say you decide your diet isn’t serving you well. Set an initial goal to prepare a body- and soul-nourishing meal two days a week. It’s best to take baby steps and plan to make more dramatic changes when you’re ready. In this way, you’ll build the confidence you need to succeed.


Learn to Say “Yes” 

Be flexible and fun. When a good friend invites you to dinner on the spur of the moment, drop everything and go. We rarely regret heart-inspired action!


Do Things for Yourself 

Sometimes we all need a massage or a new jacket, or just a couple of hours alone while our spouse takes the kids to a movie. Honor your own needs.


Get Real About Money 

Spending what you can’t afford is another way of pretending to be who you aren’t. It’s also a disaster in the making. That weekend getaway may be amazing, but not if you’re still paying for it in six months.


Take a Break from the Need to Do Something 

Simply be for five minutes or five hours. It’s good for mind and body. 


Know When You’re at Your Best (and When You’re Not) 

When you’re not, it’s almost always the perfect time for a bath, nap, or walk.


Say “I love you” to Yourself 

Until you can fully love yourself, you can’t fully love others in your life. 


Kathleen McIntire is a transformational teacher, speaker, and healer, and is the author and creator of Guiding Signs 101 (Soaring in Sight, 2011), a guidebook and set of divination cards using everyday road signs to tap into your intuition and own inner guidance. For more information, visit www.soaringinlight.com or www.guidingsigns101.com.


Erin Cote has been involved in creative design for more than a decade. Her main focus is on bringing humor and playfulness to professional environments. Cote can be contacted through her website at www.ulaughalot.com.