What is the best compliment you have received

recently about your work?

[Speak Your Mind]

“If I had known how great a massage would be, I would have had one way before now.” (Quote from a 54-year- old woman about her first massage).

Donetta Watson

Clarksburg, West Virginia


“Every stroke feels like a caress.” (Infusion suite patient receiving chemotherapy).

Stephanie Fredericks

Mandeville, Louisiana


There are two. The first is a client who responded to my session-concluding head and neck work by saying, “I feel like I am in heaven.” And the second is a client who wrote a note on my gratuity envelope that read, “Thank you! I feel like doing a high kick!” I love how these different experiences demonstrate the range of relaxing-to-invigorating effects that massage can have.

Betsy Housten

Brooklyn, New York


I have been told many times that I need to become a doctor of something, since my knowledge and technique is of superior quality. When telling a high-end client of mine of potential future plans to become a naprapath, he offered to financially back me when I’m done with my education and ready to start my practice.

Della Melville

Plainfield, Illinois


Recently, one of my clients, a professional shamisen player, commented that she felt like we were dancing together during our session. (A shamisen is a traditional, three-stringed Japanese instrument.)

David Koerner

Hiroshima, Japan


“You must have magic hands! Because that was the best massage I’ve ever had! Sandra, you can just feel where I had all my tension, and you released it! Thank you!”

Since then, I call my hands healing hands.

Sandra Mina

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


I always hear “great job” or “best massage ever,” but the best compliment I love hearing from my guests is that I was there for them. I am zoned in the present moment, not just going through motions and watching the clock pass by. It creates a bonding tie between their body and my nurturing touch ... without any judgment. It is like a friend who listens to our whining and irritating complaining, but never passes judgment. 

Whenever I hear that, it gives me a sense of relief. I know I not only fulfilled my job as a massage therapist at that time, but also I was being human in the most compassionate way I could.

Jessica Blaisdell

Indian Wells, California





Answers from Facebook

I love hearing how magical my hands are and how our sessions are the highlight of their week/month, but probably my favorite comment is the renaming of a custom muscle balm I make for my clients to “Mike’s Magic Potion.”

Michael R. Howson


Someone told me I have “angel hands.” I’ll never forget it.

Shannan Raucci


I was told I made someone feel like “marmalade on warm toast.”

Annie LaCroix


“I was crippled and no doctor could tell me what was wrong. You helped me in just a few sessions!”

Shane Martin


The best compliment I got was from my aunts. They had never gotten a massage before, and after I worked on them they said that my hands were a gift from God and blessed my hands. That made my day.

Jose Acevedo


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