Commit to Your Self-Care

By Karrie Osborn
[Editor's Note]

With months of the pandemic behind us, it’s easy to start forgetting about the importance of our own self-care. So many of us were so diligent in April and May, but have now let COVID exhaustion derail our new self-care routines. Now is not the time to start cutting corners. Instead, use this time to build up your self-care bench.  
Did you begin that meditation practice you’ve been promising yourself to try? Did you buy a new stationary bike that’s been collecting cobwebs for a few months? Did those new hiking shoes you bought in June ever make it out of the closet? Don’t shame yourself for it . . . reclaim it. And if those things didn’t work as part of your self-care routine, find the things that do.  
As part of this self-care reclamation process, devise a plan that works for you. Commit to what you can, but be forgiving when you slip. And finally, learn how to reframe any self-care practices as not something you have to do, but something you want to do.  
Taking care of yourself has never been more important. That’s something your massage therapist knows better than anybody!