Unhealed Trauma and Energy Healing

Restoring the Original Energetic Signature

By Cyndi Dale
[Energy Work]

Trauma: it is probably one of the main reasons clients work with you. I have been a professional intuitive and energy healer for more than 30 years. During that time, I have assisted over 65,000 people. Presenting issues have included physical pain, emotional distress, relationship woes, financial lack, illness, everyday stress, addictions, and more. In this extensive list of challenges, chronic disease has ramped up in recent years.

You probably see the same in your practice. Six in 10 adults in the United States have a chronic disease; four in 10 of those adults have more than one.1 No matter the presenting symptoms, however, the root of most tribulations often reduces to a single cause—unhealed trauma.

Trauma is the result of a stressor so overwhelming we fail to completely recover. There are many approaches to trauma, including a variety of physical and psychological therapies. We only have to look around us—and within our client base—to note the current methods are not adequate. Now that the coronavirus is pandemic, our clients are pushed to the limit. (And so are we!) It is becoming increasingly difficult to find relief. Our wellness model is obviously deficient.

You know it. I know it. Our clients know it. Something is keeping them from feeling the way they want to feel—the way they know, deep in their hearts, they could feel—whether happy or comfortable, safe or loved, whole or free. Something is keeping them from healing to their optimal potential. The missing piece is energy—or, more specifically, subtle energy.

In this article, I am going to portray the involvement of subtle energy in trauma. I will then highlight one of the main concepts that explains the role of subtle energies in the creation of—and failure to recover from—a traumatic stress. This is the idea of an “original energetic signature.” Finally, I will outline several energetic techniques you can employ to help alleviate a client’s traumatic conditions. Most of this information is culled from my upcoming book Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress & Chronic Illness, to be released July 2020.2

Subtle Energy in Trauma

During a stressful event, we are impacted by forces. Forces are fields of energy created by six differing causal agents or activities. The six vital forces are environmental, physical, psychological, modern, missing, and spiritual.
Environmental forces are generated by natural events, such as hurricanes and tsunamis. The worldwide coronavirus pandemic constitutes an environmental force. Physical forces are related to physically generated actions, such as a car accident or fall. Psychological forces include verbal or emotional abuse. Modern forces include digital exploitation, such as catfishing, or digital overwhelm.

Missing forces occur when we are supposed to be given what we need and aren’t. For instance, we should expect unconditional love from a parent. When it is not provided, we might attempt to fill the empty space with an addictive substance or harmful behavior. Spiritual forces are linked to religion or negative spiritual energies. For example, our religious authorities might shame us for our inherent sexuality.

All six types of forces set off subtle and physical stress responses within our system. As well, many forces carry subtle energies. If these slippery little “creatures” remain in our system, they can cause havoc long after we recover from the obvious stressor. For instance, imagine that when young, your client was constantly yelled at by his father. Perhaps mental health therapy has assisted the client with working through the beliefs caused by the verbal abuse, yet this client exhibits a lot of bodily pain. From a subtle energy point of view, the client was inflicted with negatively charged verbal force. Most likely, subtle energies of rage and shaming, originating in the father, were also deposited in your client’s body.

This is my rule of thumb: we can only process our own energy. This means we cannot process energies that belong to someone else. Until we focus consciously on these stuck energies, optimally using subtle energy tools to disengage from them, they form and remain as blocks within our system. Our immune system will attack these blocks, seeking to clear them, but will fail to accomplish this goal. In that our immune cells cannot perceive or “strike” the foreign energies, they will end up beating up our own cells. Our internal boxing match can cause anything from increased bodily inflammation to autoimmune disorders.

Of course, some sublimated subtle energies might suit us. A rousing “you can do it” verbal force can motivate change. Being with someone’s sadness can bolster compassion. So, how do you know if an incoming set of subtle energies, or those already present in the system, are constructive or destructive? You check against a code.

The Code: Original Energetic Signature

Every living being is encoded with an original energetic signature—a master set of frequencies comprised of everything unique about one’s body, mind, and soul. This signature determines what external or internalized energies will nourish or harm. Whether facing a one-time crisis or an ongoing challenge, a person will respond positively to the energies that match their original signature, and they will react negatively to those that don’t. Once someone has determined their original signature, they can actually decide which foods, liquids, colors, sounds, climactic conditions, and even thoughts and feelings will be beneficial, and which will cause destruction.

The idea of having (or being) a unique energetic signature is not only a metaphysical concept, it is also a scientifically valid truth. For instance, every human heart exhibits an exclusive biometric so individualized that wearable technology devices are now employing a person’s heartbeat as their password.3 Research is also revealing that an individual’s brain expresses innate properties and specialized ways of signaling.4 Even our voices are distinct—various factors including the vocal cords, lung, and nose functions and frequencies blend together to assure originality.5

The fact that everyone has an original energetic frequency means that when working with a client, you can simplify your subtle energy approaches through two main actions:
1. Decipher and activate the original signature.
2. Clear or transform trauma-related energies that do not match the original signature.
Techniques for Restoring the Original Energetic Signature
I have organized these subtle energy approaches into two categories. The first will enable you to assist a client in regard to their original energetic signature. The second outlines three ways to track a traumatized self and related negative energies, and then use specific subtle energy techniques to support recovery.

Step One: The Original Energetic Signature

You can adapt this process to assist a client with deciphering and activating their original energetic signature. This technique relies on the fact that most of us experienced flashes of our original energetic signature in childhood.
When with a client, inform them about the existence of an original energetic signature. Apprise them of the benefit of acknowledging and activating this inherent code, emphasizing the fact that they can weigh all energies and decisions against it.

Then, request that they breathe deeply and release their grip on the present. Encourage them to drift backward and drop into happy childhood moments, times in which they followed their inner promptings. Have them recount how they felt when they needed sleep and took a nap without apology, required sustenance and knew exactly what food would satisfy them, wore the clothes they best liked, or selected a game to play based solely on desire. Let them embrace that internal, resonant harmony that felt both grounded and light. By doing this, your client is accepting and choosing their essential self and their original code.

Now, you can help them fully activate this signature. Suggest they can choose to remain anchored in the renewed sense of self. While performing bodywork encouraging of these codes, trusting your intuition, let them know that the universe or the divine can continually reinforce this innate formula.

Step Two: Tracking and Healing the Traumatized Self

The three methods featured in this section will help a client uncover a traumatized self and negative energy blocks. Also provided are subtle energy techniques you can use to clear the dissonant energies.

Method One: Working the Pain

Use bodily symptoms to work in the following way.
1. Focus on the pain. Ask your client to locate the strongest place or source of any physical pain or unease. This is most likely the home of the traumatized self and congested subtle energies. Ask your client to breathe into this area.

2. Add an element. As the bodyworker, you are in the perfect position to send healing energies through your hands. Elemental energies, that is. These are basic units of matter that can replace the negative subtle energies while soothing a traumatized self.

While softly touching the client’s most painful area, or working around it, speak the names and provisions of thesesubtle elements aloud. Request your client provide feedback and let you know which elements provide the most relief. Then, continue to use intention to send those particular energies into the enflamed area. The subtle elements and their provisions are as follows:
• Water: Cleanses, renews, clears emotions
• Air: Eliminates negative ideas and reflects positive concepts
• Earth: Rebuilds and provides solidity
• Fire: Purifies and energizes
• Wood: Lightens heavy energies and increases optimism
• Metal: Releases negativity and establishes boundaries

Method Two: Engage A Memory

You can best support this process with these steps.
1. Seek the memory. Request that your client focus on their major issue. Then, ask them to drift back in time and remember the causal event.
2. Reprogram the phonons. What are phonons? These tiny quantum sound particles are produced by the body’s pressure waves. They also carry energy, including messages and memories, throughout the body. If you can reprogram the phonons related to the traumatic memory, you can assist a client with clearing that event and painful, sublimated energies. To accomplish this task, ask your client to focus on their heartbeat while thinking about the causal situation. Encourage them to feel all their feelings. Then, have them select a positive attribute, such as gratitude or serenity, to substitute for the negative energies associated with the memory. Ask them to chant the name of the desired quality, internally or externally, embracing the resulting serenity.

Method Three: Go Chakra

Chakras are subtle energy centers that lie inside and outside the body. Each manages a particular set of subtle energies. All wounds, forces, and subtle energies are recorded in a chakra that matches those energies. This means that if you work within the chakra related to a traumatic event, you can assist with energetic cleaning and recovery. Know that I work with a 12-chakra system, 11 of which can be found concretely. Undertake the next steps to find and send healing into the trauma-bearing chakra.

1. Select a chakra. You can figure out which chakra is bonded to the wounded self and negative subtle energies by tracking the most painful bodily area to the chakra found closest to it. Use the following lists as a guide.

Chakra    Location
First        Hips
Second    Abdomen
Third        Solar plexus
Fourth    Chest
Fifth        Throat
Sixth        Brow
Seventh    Top of the head
Eighth    Thymus area
Ninth        Diaphragm
Tenth        Feet or legs
Eleventh    Muscles, fascia

2. Activate the related chakra’s inner chakra wheel. Every chakra has an inner and outer wheel. The inner wheel is brimming with spiritual truths and also holds the original energetic signature. The outer wheel holds negative programs and others’ energies. Basically, you want to bathe the outer wheel of the focus chakra with the positive energies of the inner wheel. Ask your client to breathe into the general chakra area. Hold your hands near or perform appropriate bodywork. Ask the client to visualize liquid light emanating from the inner chakric space, watching it wash throughout that entire bodily region. Let them know this healing energy will carry off negative energies and provide renewal and healing.


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Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, and intuitive consultant. Her popular books include The Subtle Body Coloring Book: Learn Energetic Anatomy (Sounds True, 2017), Subtle Energy Techniques (Llewellyn Publications, 2017), Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Chakras (Llewellyn Publications, 2016), The Intuition Guidebook: How To Safely and Wisely Use Your Sixth Sense (Deeper Well Publishing, 2011), Energetic Boundaries: How to Stay Protected and Connected in Work, Love, and Life (Sounds True, 2011), The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy (Sounds True, 2009), and The Complete Book of Chakra Healing (Llewellyn Publications, 2009), as well as nearly 20 additional books. To learn more about Dale and her products, services, and classes, please visit www.cyndidale.com.