Have You Ever Had an Energy Vampire Client?

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All of these things alone or used together work really well: burn incense, drink lots of water before and after, wash hands in hot water and then rinse in cold, imagine a connection with the center of the Earth, and focus all of their negative energy or draining energy to that place, leaving it there instead of in yourself.

Andrea Spencer

Lebanon, Maine


Not to seem that I’m ungrateful for a loyal client, but one client comes in twice every week with lower back pain. This client brushes off my professional suggestions to seek out other modalities of healing or to change the unhealthy ergonomics that lead him back to my table every week. His demanding and nervous mannerisms put our whole team on edge. He loves to talk for at least 20 or 30 minutes after every session. It was to the point where I dreaded his appointments and was faking smiles. One day our team leader reminded us that ours might be the only positive conversation that clients have in their day—we never know where exactly they’re coming from with stress, family, health problems, or work. Remembering that it’s our responsibility to heal and not to personally befriend him, helps me to keep my energy up with this client.

Amanda Scott
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Energy vampires are people who have unresolved abandonment issues and believe they will never get their needs met. You can read about this in Barbara Brennan’s book Hands of Light, chapter 13. To keep them from sucking on you, you must heal your chakras and keep your human energy field tuned up. Another good book on this is Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith. As you heal yourself, you can help them heal.

Bob Villars

Eden Prairie, Minnesota


Over the years, I find that most energy vampires are clients suffering from some sort of depression. That said, one client who comes to mind used to talk about the same topic and tell me a variation of the same story every time she came in for her massage. I found that being a listening ear helped in the beginning, but she needed a bit more. I suggested things like yoga, light exercise, and/or meditation a few times a week to release endorphins and help her calm her nerves and stay focused on happier things in life. I was aware that she had been seeking professional help in the past, but thought I’d suggest a more positive, healthy way to cope with her issues, rather then medications.

Although I don’t see her as often as I did years ago, I know she has found the perfect way for her to cope with her depression: singing. She loved performing in the past and is now a singer at a well-known locale in New York. Encouraging her to find her outlet has been really rewarding.

Christy Swiatkowski

Niagara Falls, New York


I have had many clients who were energy vampires at the spa where I work. I usually get the sense right away and try to stay grounded and calm myself when meeting and talking to them. Surrounding myself with a shield of white light usually works well. That way, their energy can’t get through my shield, but my energy can go to them. If they are talkers, I let them speak their piece, but I stay quiet to show them it is also OK not to talk. I imagine negative energy leaving them after the massage, and I make sure to wash my hands really well after with cold water and then again with warm water. I spray the room with a nice smelling spray after they leave and hope that I did what I could for them. If they were just too much for me to handle, I can choose not to see them again. I don’t think any therapist should have to work on someone like that (unless they really want to). After the session is over, I recommend therapists go for a walk, hug a tree, go swimming, or participate in any kind of physical activity to burn off that energy.

Jennifer Friedman

Los Angeles, California


Yes! And I am not sure if she is my karma or if I am hers! I have suggested she would be happier being referred to another [skin care] therapist. She engages in a continuous stream of consciousness during her session, repeatedly asking if I am doing something that will irritate her skin. She also routinely tries to get me to do other services gratis. Her visits are very stressful to me because I doubt she is able to relax and enjoy the service. Last week, she spent 10 minutes deliberating whether to tweeze one brow hair. After that one was removed, she needed one on the other side removed. I told her I would if she was willing to pay for a shaping. Every visit is the same thing. An hour waxing service turns into three hours because she sees hairs no one else can find. I/we want to let her go, tactfully. HELP!!  

Cynthia Ellis

Springfield, Virginia


I believe that in most cases, we attract what we put out there. I simply place a client before and after my vampires. This way it creates an environment for the vampire to know that they are not my only client. I also use essential oils prior to these sessions to help create and protect my personal barrier. If this doesn’t work, I’ll just go back to rinsing off with cold water.

Celina McKenzie

Becker, Minnesota


I think it helps when you are in tune with your own energy to the point that you just know what the person is like. I have had one or two. What I have done is close myself off. I put up an energy shield that cannot be broken before the massage and then take it down after they leave.

Amy Hatch

Orem, Utah