Corliss Chan

Helping people to help themselves

By Brandon Twyford
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In her previous career as a CPA in the real estate industry, Corliss Chan needed a way to find relaxation and relief from the job-related stress she felt. She turned to natural forms of healing like meditation and massage, and when she experienced the relaxation benefits of bodywork firsthand, she wanted to learn more.
Having long been fascinated by the body-mind connection, Chan found the jin shin jyutsu (JSJ) bodywork modality to be a natural fit. “Jin shin jyutsu is an ancient Asian healing art that seeks to harmonize body, mind, and spirit, which supports the body’s innate ability to heal,” she explains. Chan says that after receiving her first JSJ session, she “felt a significant reduction of stress as well as a profound state of deep relaxation at all levels.” She decided this was the path she wanted to take: to empower others to develop their self-healing skills so that they are able to cope with life and health issues on their own.
As part of Marin General Hospital’s Center for Integrative Health & Wellness in California, Chan’s nurturing presence is felt most directly by patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, who benefit from Chan’s healing touch. She also teaches free seminars for the hospital, including a JSJ introductory seminar and a weekly mindfulness meditation class. “When time permits, I visit the chemo room and offer short JSJ sessions to patients,” Chan says.  
Chan says she finds the most reward in her work when she helps people rest deeply during sessions and experience greater health; empowers others by teaching them simple JSJ techniques for home use; and uses her financial skills to show clients how to save money by using free online resources, employee health benefits, and free community programs. “I enjoy helping people find a greater natural experience of health with one-on-one sessions and self-care practices to use between sessions,” she says.

Favorite movie or TV show: Winged Migration 

Favorite band/artist: Karen Drucker and René Jenkins

Favorite food: Mediterranean and Asian food 

Favorite book: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Favorite quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” —Mahatma Gandhi