Millennial Opportunities

By Karrie Osborn

Boomers are no longer the belle of the ball. Millennials have moved ahead of aging baby boomers and now make up the largest generation, and largest workforce, today.
Marketers do handstands to get in front of this millennial audience—and for good reason. The promise of the millennial generation’s pocketbook has replaced our country’s economic reliance on the baby boomers’ buying power. Millennials (the group born between 1980 and 2000, depending on which expert you ask) are primarily who today’s businesses compete for and market to.
So, what do you know about millennials?
Maybe you’d be surprised to learn that this generation values authentic experiences, even though they’re neck-deep in social media and technology-laden influences. Or that millennials are considered the most health-conscious generation in history. Or that their buying behaviors can be influenced by philanthropy and charitable works.
There is much to know and understand about this diverse spectrum of consumers we call millennials. And it’s important that as a business owner, you do what you can to meet this client where they are—both in technology, client experience, and customer care.
Before you make up your mind as to what a millennial is or isn’t, read this collection of articles that offers perspectives from the millennials themselves. You’ll find that millennials are not that much different from the generations preceding them, although they do speak in different languages that older generations might be hesitant to embrace.
You already are serving a millennial clientele; in fact, your client list might be trending younger every day. Your homework going forward is to understand what this client needs from you and how you can deliver it better. (Hint: it’s not the same formula you’ve given her mother for the last 10 years.)  

Karrie Osborn is senior editor at Massage & Bodywork