What You Bring to the Session

By Leslie A. Young
[Editor's Note]

Chances are you’re loyal to your massage therapist because he or she offers something special that resonates with you. A heated table, the perfect location, tailored aromatherapy, knowledge of sports massage, the perfect pressure for your low-back pain. More than likely, the list is long and impressive.

Any idea what makes each session really click? It’s you! The anticipation, intent, and openness you bring to the dynamic are invaluable to ensuring that your bodywork practitioner can deliver a successful session each and every time.

The other night, I invested in a combination massage and facial. I was on my tiptoes anticipating this two-hour ritual. When the practitioner started, I simply melted under her fingertips. Pure bliss. I remember another time when I really didn’t allow myself to be completely focused on the experience. What a shame. She still delivered her best, but I cheated myself. Luckily, I learned, and let myself be more present for my next massage.

Your massage and bodywork practitioner has dedicated hundreds of hours of education and preparation so he or she can meet your needs. So promise to communicate your goals and any questions you may have, and stay open to the experience. You’ll reap the rich benefits of receiving informed, caring touch each and every time.