How Has Social Networking Boosted Your Practice?

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Social networking is proving to be a great and cost-effective way to attract new clients and keep past clients coming back. The key is using the social networking tools in a way that builds a “know-like-trust” relationship. It’s not about spamming offers to everyone on your list; it’s about offering value and insight that can help others solve a problem in their life. Many of our clients at are having great success using social networking to grow their massage therapy practice with little effort.

Bill Brown

Atlanta, Georgia


I believe it is important to be able to reach my clients wherever I am. And whether I am at home, out to lunch with my laptop, or checking my iPhone throughout the day, the advancement in technology makes this possible without making it difficult.

My website,, allows clients to view my biography and credentials, as well as see what services are offered and to learn about different styles of massage and treatments. They can also buy gift cards, request appointments, and check out our product lines.  

My Facebook page,, page lets me connect with “fans,” answer questions about massage, and add new friends who need massages.

Following my Twitter account,, allows followers to see special deals, and get event and specials updates.

Social networking gives me and my clients the virtual ability to get information in real time, and that’s time well saved!

Jennifer Bennekemper

St. Louis, Missouri


I went to a workshop called Rejuvenate Your Practice and learned how to start having “healing conversations” with the people I meet. It starts by being curious about their well-being and asking questions, and goes on from there. I met so many other holistic health practitioners, collected a lot of business cards, and gave out a lot of my own, which resulted in my building up my email contact list and joining a few small local online communities. I still have a few clients who I see regularly from this two-day event, even though it was seven months ago.

Tamara Lovere

Santa Cruz, California


My community that I work in has suffered a huge economic downturn. Even if I don’t schedule many appointments, I’ve had a large interest in my profession and many job offerings by using social networking sites, such as MySpace and Facebook. When clients do schedule massage, it is usually because of my persistent advertising on these sites.

Jessica Kreyger

Warren, Michigan


Though I primarily use social networking to reach continuing education students and clients of my marketing coaching business, I have used Facebook and LinkedIn in particular to help fill empty massage appointment times. When I’ve got a few too many holes in my schedule, I’ll post open times and occasionally offer a discount to fill them up. I choose Facebook and over other sites, since my networks on both have a lot of local people on them and the messages are picked up faster than they might be on my blog or even in an email.  

Has it worked? Definitely! Imagine that by spending less than one minute per week typing, I have increased my weekly sales by $80 (or more). In a year’s time, that one extra weekly appointment could mean as much as $4,160 in additional revenue to my practice. And for therapists who have a lot of clients in their networks, this number could definitely be a lot higher!

Felicia Brown

Greensboro, North Carolina

I have used social networking to let people know what I am currently doing in my business—not to spam them with coupons/sales, etc. I use it for information and updates, with me being the resource for that information or where they can go to get more.

I post my monthly newsletters on Facebook and am using and more for these same purposes. I also have a weekly radio show about organic living and health and wellness that I also post weekly. The health and wellness focus is bodywork/massage and hypnotherapy. I have just set up a Google Calender to share info on upcoming classes I teach, radio shows, etc.

Colleen Fletcher

Boise, Idaho


In the back of each of my course notebooks, I have the following list of

links for networking:

Ariana Vincent

Austin, Texas