3 Tips for Staying Grounded

By Body Sense Staff

Stress bombards us each day, so it’s important to look for the things, in addition to massage, that can ground us and help us navigate the bumpy waters of daily life. “In this crazy world, we sometimes let negative energy steal our inner peace,” says Bradley Nelson, holistic physician and author of The Emotion Code. “Here are some tips on finding inner peace, calming your nerves, and finding the balance you crave.”
1. Daily Inspiration
“Do some research to find things that inspire you, things that lift your spirits. Perhaps it’s a daily quote, a TED Talk, a phone call to a friend, or just watching the sunrise. Whatever gives you strength can help in finding inner peace.”
2. Focus
“You might be dealing with kids, cell phones, or TV while cooking, cleaning, or even driving (which is downright dangerous). It seems like we are always multitasking. Try to take time out to focus on just one thing. This can help to declutter the mind and give your brain a bit of a break. When you actually have downtime, consider using it to meditate. The beauty of meditation is that it doesn’t require anything but your focus, and even the shortest amount of time can be helpful in finding inner peace.”
3. Be Present
“The past is the past, and the future is uncertain. You cannot change tomorrow by worrying today, and agonizing over things said and done cannot change the past. Be present. Enjoy what is happening in each moment today. Beautiful things are happening, but if you’re distracted by the past or the future, you might miss them.”