The Virtual Hug

By Karrie Osborn
[Editor's Note]

Depending on where we live, we’re all in various stages of dealing with the COVID-19 virus. Your state may already be in the hunker-down stage, where only essential businesses are open, while neighbors in the state next door may still be in the stock-up stage, buying enough goods to get through this trying time. Hopefully none of you are having to deal with the virus firsthand, but undoubtedly many of you are, or soon will be.
Unprecedented times has become the fallback phrase we use to describe this challenge, while unprecedented stress has quickly become a new normal, as we deal with the health of our families, our businesses, and our communities. Sadly, when massage could be of immeasurable use to us all, it’s not something we can turn to. A relaxing hour of massage would do wonders for our anxiety-ridden necks and shoulders, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says for the sake of us all, we can’t. There is no way to practice social distancing with massage. So, we send hugs and support from afar, both from Body Sense and on behalf of your massage therapist, and we await the day you can return to their table.
Until then, we wanted to take time in this issue to offer you some simple steps for staying grounded and supporting your immune system, both important things you can do during prolonged periods of stress. This kind of self-care is something we should always have as part of our routine, but it’s especially important
right now.
And remember, while your massage therapist may have to close their doors for now, they have not closed their business. If you have the ability to support small businesses during this time, consider adding your massage therapist or bodyworker to that list. Pre-buy massage and bodywork gift certificates that you can use for upcoming holidays like Mother’s Day, virtual birthday gifts, or overdue self-care time that will be ready and waiting for you when we can all venture safely back out into the world, when massage therapists and bodyworkers are able to open their doors once again and serve you, their treasured clients.
Sending you a virtual hug from all of us.