Colds and Cancellations

By Body Sense Staff

It’s that time of year when the cold and flu bug starts knocking on our doors. What should you do if you get sick on the day of your massage appointment?
While your massage therapist wants to see you, they don’t want to see you if you’re sick—for many reasons. Not only does your massage therapist want to avoid your buggy germs for themselves, they also don’t want you exposing their other massage clients to your sickness.

When Should I Cancel My Appointment?

What are the protocols for when to cancel an appointment? Each massage business has its own business policies on cancellations, but your therapist will most likely be grateful for your cancellation, even on the day of the appointment.
Massage therapist and blogger Allissa Haines says these are symptoms she would ask you to stay home with:

Fever and related symptoms
• Aches
• Chills
• Unusual fatigue

Respiratory issues
• Coughing
• Sneezing
• Sore throat
• Very runny and/or stuffy sinuses

GI issues
• Diarrhea
• Nausea
• Vomiting

If you are visited with any of these symptoms, it’s best to cancel, Haines says. With cold or sinus issues (even if you are no longer contagious), if you are still deeply congested, lying face-down in the face cradle might make you even more miserable. Reschedule your appointment and give yourself a chance to feel better. Your massage therapist will thank you for it.