You Are Worth It

By Karrie Osborn
[Editor's Note]

Self-care is a year-round venture. Sometimes we forget that.
Do you typically remember self-care only after you’ve driven yourself into a wall? Do you make self-care a priority in January, then relegate it to the back seat by March? Do you think of self-care as a luxury and feel badly for taking the time? Or, are you conscientious about taking care of yourself on a regular, ongoing basis, especially when life gets crazy?
Self-care is often the first thing we let go of when we’re under stress. For some reason, we justify giving up important self-care routines and habits because we think we simply don’t have the time. Have you ever uttered these thoughts? I don’t have time to eat a balanced meal; I only have time for a quick bite. I don’t have time to get a massage; I really want to, but it’s impossible to take an hour out of my schedule just to relax. And I definitely don’t have time for meditation. I feel guilty even thinking about it.
The truth is, self-care practices are meant to help us in stressful situations. They should be the last things you give up when life is throwing lemons at you. In this issue of Body Sense, you’ll learn how massage is beneficial to the 1 in 3 US adults who will act as a caregiver for a friend or loved one this year. These amazing people need massage more than anyone, but they are the first to admit they take little time for themselves. Are you a caregiver? It’s important you read the article on page 6. And share it with a friend.
What self-care tools do you employ to manage a healthy, balanced life? When you put massage and bodywork at the top of that list, you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll be at turning those lemons into lemonade.