Back, Core, Hips

[TLC for MTs]

Spinal Extension

Lie facedown on the floor. Place your forehead on your crisscrossed arms. Lift your chest away from the mat. Hold for 2 seconds, release, then repeat.

Spinal Extension Part Deux

Lie facedown on the floor. With your hands placed palm-down under the shoulders, use your back muscles to move into what looks like a cobra pose in yoga. At the end range of the stretch, use your arms to push a little farther and hold for 2 seconds. Release. Repeat.

Opposing Muscles

A muscle cannot stretch any farther than its opposing muscle can contract. To have flexible hamstrings, the quadriceps must be strong. To stretch the pectoralis major (a great idea for anyone who works at a computer), it’s important to strengthen the opposing back muscles.