Ankle Stretches

[TLC for MTs]

Ankle Inversion and Eversion

Sitting with one, or both, legs outstretched, grasp your foot firmly with both hands. Next, gently twist your foot toward you, inverting the foot. Hold it for 2 seconds before releasing and repeating. Now, from the same start position, grasp the foot firmly with both hands and gently twist your foot away from you, everting it. And the end range of the stretch, hold for 2 seconds, release, and repeat.

To relieve overly tight foot muscles, and to deal with issues like plantar fasciitis, try rolling your achy feet over a tennis ball or golf ball to relieve the pain. Rolling from the toes to the heel of your foot, use these tools as ways to loosen the tight and inflamed fascia. A golf ball will deliver a more targeted effort, while a tennis ball is a little gentler. For even more relief, freeze golf balls before using.