Laura Ann Grymes

A difficult journey colors a rewarding life caring for others

By Brandon Twyford
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ABMP members are a caring and compassionate group. But even among such good company, Laura Ann Grymes stands out. Grymes specializes in lymphatic drainage therapy and craniosacral therapy; works predominately with clients who are in chronic pain, dealing with lymphedema, or recovering from cancer; and assists caregivers for loved ones dealing with cancer. As a breast cancer survivor herself, and daughter to a breast cancer survivor, Grymes has a personal connection to the work she does. “I love seeing the positive results in my own healing as well as seeing my clients thrive,” Grymes says. “I had breast cancer last summer and through treatment and surgeries and working to heal, I am constantly learning more so I can help my clients.”
Grymes is now cancer-free but still deals with surgery-related pain. “I’m working to regain my body strength, relieve my pain, and continue on my journey to wellness. It’s been a painful process and I am grateful for the therapists who are helping, and have helped me, regain wellness and health.”  
Grymes, who is blind, also has a deeper perspective on what it means to be present with clients. “They can feel if you are caring or if you are somewhere else, and will pick that up in your work on them. I show compassion and give quality care to my clients, and I listen with my hands, my ears, and, most of all, my heart to help them toward good health and wellness.”