Does She Look Familiar?


Massage clients come in all shapes and sizes, from all backgrounds and religions, each with their own unique suitcase of physiological and emotional “stuff.” The fact that each client is unique makes the job of the massage therapist and bodyworker that much more interesting and diverse. But there are some qualities that run dominant in the universe of massage clients. It’s smart business to know what they are.

47% of US women have had a massage
58% of women with a bachelor’s degree have had a massage
70% of women with a postgraduate degree have had a massage
72% of women with a household income more than $75,000 have had a massage

Spreading the Word
95% of those who received a massage in 2018 are likely to recommend massage to a friend or family member. What does this mean? Your satisfied clients are your best marketing tool.
• Do you have a referral program? Have you shared it with your clients?
• Do you pass out business cards for clients to share?
• Do you promote your gift certificates in a robust enough way?

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals 2018 National Massage Consumer Survey, conducted by Harstad Strategic Research, Inc.