Little Things

By Karrie Osborn
[Editor's Note]

On our journey toward health and wellness, often we can see only the big things necessary to get us there. And sometimes that can be daunting. (“My cholesterol is how high?” “I need to lose how many pounds?” “My anxiety is doing what to my body?”) For some people, this is why the journey is never successful.
But we don’t have to think just big picture when it comes to our health. Sometimes it’s easier to focus on the little things—gathering strength from each small stepping stone. The momentum you can gain from these small successes can be paramount to helping you reach your other big-picture goals.
This issue of Body Sense is filled with little things you can do to help get on track. Little things like everyday self-care tips to bring extra moments of attention and intention to your day, a simple trapezius stretch that will start to loosen the hardened muscles caused by a 9-to-5 desk job, setting goals with your massage therapist, and the health benefits of taking a stroll through a forest.
We have a tendency to be blinded by the big picture. While important, it can stop us from seeing what we can do different today, right now. Overlooking all the smaller, more attainable moments we have to improve our health is a missed opportunity. So, whether it’s doing a few leg squats while brushing your teeth, or diligently checking in on your posture throughout the day, take a moment, bring some intention, and start building an attainable path to wellness on the foundation of these small successes.