By Kristin Coverly and Mark Lees, PhD
[Ask the Experts]

“My father was in a recent auto accident and has whiplash. Can massage benefit him and will insurance pay for it?”

Yes, massage and soft-tissue therapy can often help with this typically complex injury. Seek a massage therapist that has specific training in whiplash techniques and consult with them on an appropriate treatment plan. Unfortunately, there’s not a universal answer regarding insurance. Whether or not massage therapy is covered in an insurance policy varies from state to state depending on Personal Injury Protection (PIP) laws and the individual’s health and auto insurance policies. While I hope that massage is covered by insurance in your father’s situation, the benefit of bodywork for his recovery is worth the out-of-pocket expense if it’s not included. Best wishes for his recovery!

Kristin Coverly, LMT

“I see so many labels on cosmetic products these days touting themselves as natural, preservative-free, organic. The latest is chemical-free. What does that mean exactly?”

There is no such thing as “chemical-free.” Everything in the universe is made of chemicals, including the human body, which contains many chemical elements: carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, sodium, phosphorus, and even chlorine. Every human body function is possible because of biochemical reactions. Plants are no different. They grow and reproduce and have benefits to the skin because they are complexes of many chemical components. So, using the term chemical-free is not only wrong, it also shows an ignorance of science.

Mark Lees, PhD, MS, CIDESCO