By Karrie Osborn
[Editor's Note]

It’s been said that what’s old will eventually be new again.
That’s certainly true of Body Sense magazine as we begin our 17th year talking with you about the health benefits of massage and bodywork.
Looking back at the inaugural issue of Body Sense, we find that our mission and message from 2001 still ring true today. We filled that first issue with stories about the importance of stretching, finding balance in life, and, of course, how to get all the healthful benefits from massage and bodywork you possibly can.
Today, we continue those themes. In this issue, we offer you a new step-by-step guide to your massage therapist’s 10 favorite stretches, a mindful excerpt on the importance of slowing down, and practical tips for truly letting go and relaxing on the massage table.
In that same realm of what’s old is new, our Body Sense editorial staff is as evergreen as the content that fills our pages. To that end, we say farewell to Body Sense editor Darren Buford, who has been shepherding this boat since 2014. But, he isn’t going far; he has taken on the role of editor-in-chief at our parent publication, Massage & Bodywork. And you’ll still find him here, offering his savvy advice and creativity as contributing editor. I come back to the role of editor of this beautiful publication, a place I was 15 years ago before the birth of my twins. And I couldn’t be more excited. It’s good to be back.
What’s old is certainly new again!