Mint-Mojito Foot Scrub

By Stephanie Gerber

It’s time to give your hardworking feet a little TLC with this invigorating foot scrub. Besides the refreshing, odor-masking scent, the mint helps reduce perspiration, while the salts exfoliate and improve circulation.

Recommended for
all skin types

Frequency of use

1 lime
1 bunch fresh mint
½ cup sea salt
½ cup Epsom salt
2 tablespoons coconut oil
Measuring cups and spoons
Small bowl
Bathtub or large bowl

Storage advice
best if used immediately; if necessary, refrigerate and use within seven days. 

1. Wash and zest the lime. Then, use a knife to cut and juice it—you should have about 2 tablespoons of juice.

2. Chop the fresh mint so you have 2 tablespoons. Pause to get a good whiff of that wonderful smell!

3. Combine the lime juice, zest, and mint in a small bowl. Measure and add the sea and Epsom salts.

4. If the coconut oil is solid, heat it for a few seconds until it softens into a nice, buttery, workable texture. Add it to the bowl and stir to combine.

5. To use, sit on the edge of the bathtub (use a large bowl if you don’t have a bathtub) and thoroughly scrub your feet and calves. Let the scrub collect on the bottom of the bathtub as you massage the mixture over your skin.

6. When you’re done scrubbing, fill the bathtub or bowl with enough warm water to cover your feet. Soak for
10–15 minutes to pamper tired tootsies, then rinse.

Author Stephanie Gerber started the website Hello Glow (—a destination for natural wellness, nutrition, and skin care—in 2011 to rediscover her sense of self after becoming a mother. She likes to raid the fridge for face mask ingredients after the kids go to bed. Despite giving in to the practicality of a minivan, she has promised not to abandon her love of long soaks in the tub and bright red lipstick. Recipe courtesy of Hello Glow, from Weldon Owen Publishing.