CE for ABMP Members

By Brandon Twyford
[ABMP Member Benefits]

The ABMP Education Center features on-demand massage and bodywork continuing education courses from the best presenters in the profession, including Til Luchau. ABMP members can earn online CE for free.

Here is an overview of the “Body-Mind” series of online CE opportunities
from Til Luchau featured in the ABMP Education Center:
Body-Mind: Topic 1, Proprioception and the Body Sense
Body-Mind: Topic 2, Understanding the Body-Mind Effects of Stress
Body-Mind: Topic 3, Hope, Despair, and Intractable Symptoms: Body-
Mind Considerations
Body-Mind: Topic 4, Emotions: Are They Contagious? Boundaries, Empathy, and Body-Mind
Body-Mind: Topic 5, Chronic Pain: Body-Mind Considerations for Hands-On Work
Body-Mind: Topic 6, Trauma: Body-Mind Considerations for Hands-On Work

ABMP members also save 10% on videos, books, and online courses from Til Luchau at www.advanced-trainings.com; ABMP Certified members save 15%.

Log in to the ABMP Education Center at www.abmp.com/ce to view the full list of more than 100 on-demand continuing education courses.