And the Survey Says ...

By Leslie A. Young
[Editor's Note]

We asked. You answered. Thank you! This spring, our new Advertising Manager Tracy Donley and I partnered on a Massage & Bodywork reader survey so we could get a fresh sense of what’s important to you.
The thousands of responses were immediate and heart-felt, which didn’t surprise me, but I’ve been in this seat more than a decade. As I watched Tracy read your glowing feedback, her reaction was priceless. She shook her head and said, “Are you kidding me? Is this really happening? These people are amazing.”
When surveying tens of thousands of people, it’s crucial to make sure the results are easy to tabulate. But just clicking on a response wasn’t enough for practitioners such as Susie: “I took the survey, but it didn’t have enough space for our positive feedback for your magazine. I work with a team of eight massage therapists in a hospital setting and we look to your magazine for insight and expansion to our techniques, both self-care and our practice for others.
“You offer outstanding articles, but we sometimes don’t have time to read cover to cover, so we highlight cover titles that may hold something we should all read. We keep a storage of magazines for reference in our library. Thank you for your service.”
Susie, you’re welcome! And thank you (and others) for demonstrating your support and welcoming Tracy to the profession. Reviewing the results with me, Tracy said: “I’ve been in the advertising business 20 years and I’ve worked with a wide variety of audiences. Usually we’re pleading for any feedback, but the fact that you have people offering to have a conversation with you—that’s amazing! What it shows me is our audience has a different level of engagement than any other I’ve worked with. There is more sense of community—a coming together—through Massage & Bodywork.”
Yes, and we all come together on behalf of the profession through a national, award-winning publication that embraces top-notch editorial and a selection of advertisements to help you make the best possible purchasing decisions.

Leslie A. Young, PhD

Average age                     46
Female                    85%
Average years as a massage therapist     10.6
Owns a private practice            53%
Works as an employee            14%
Blended career                29%