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By Karrie Osborn

Written just for you, our award-winning Massage & Bodywork magazine not only has the greatest readership in the profession, but is also the industry thought leader. And, since 2008, we’ve been building an easily accessible and mobile-friendly archive of each issue.

• Have a research project you’re working on and need more information?
• Want to read about a technique you’re interested in trying?
• Ready to buy a new table for your practice but don’t know where to start?
• Hungry for ideas to rejuvenate your practice?

Find answers to these questions and so much more in our digital archives.

Research Tips
➤ If you need to find something you saw in a previous issue of the magazine:
Go to the digital edition archives (www.massageandbodyworkdigital.com), click the plus sign, and search for a word or phrase throughout all the issues dating back to January 2008.

➤ If you’re looking for something older than 2008: All of our articles are available online in a text-only format. Go to your search engine, then type in “Massage & Bodywork magazine” and your key word to get your results.

For Our Mobile Readers
We know a good portion of you read Massage & Bodywork on your phones and tablets. When you access the magazines through these devices, you can easily transition to a text-only view of each page by clicking on the “T” in the upper bar. Otherwise, simply pinch and expand to see the content in the designed version.

Have You Gone Digital?
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