What to Look for When Leasing Office Space

By staff
[Best Advice]

In addition to rental rates, length of lease, and watching out for hidden costs, ABMP’s BizFit expert Kristin Coverly offers these words of wisdom when looking for new office space:
• Find out if you have control of the temperature in your space, and if your building’s heating and air conditioning operates on the weekends.
• Visit the office space during the times of day you would be working there. What’s the noise level like during your hours of operation? Do you hear loud office neighbors in the day? Will your evening clients hear the cleaning crew?
• Take a look around. What businesses operate in adjacent buildings? A fire station or a car repair shop might not lend itself to your tranquil environment.
• Ask the landlord if the building’s outside doors automatically lock at a certain time, and will that
affect your late appointments?