5 Ways to Strengthen Your Practice


1. Improve Your Social Media Presence
While your website offers a location where clients can find you and your contact information, your social media presence can give life to your practice. Keep in touch with clients on a daily basis; it helps keep you front and center in their minds. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the big three you should be using to reach out to clients. In addition to posting seasonal specials, new products and services, health news, or last-minute appointments, you can also use images provided on ABMP’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ABMPpage) to add a little humor to your posts.

2. Try Something Different
• Read this month’s Massage & Bodywork Business Side column—“A Month-by-Month To-Do List to Boost Your Business!”—by Les Sweeney and Kristin Coverly.
• Start a conversation on Massageprofessionals.com.
• Update your elevator speech. Does yours reflect what you do today?
• As a consumer, try new therapists and new modalities. It’s amazing what you can learn from being on the receiving side of massage.

3. Learn Something New—Watch a Free Webinar!
Could you benefit from a webinar on money management tips or the nuances of insurance billing? ABMP’s Online Education Center has something for everyone. Would a condition-specific webinar suit you and your clients better? “Low-Back Pain with Ben Benjamin and Whitney Lowe” and “Restoring Ankle Mobility and Stability with Til Luchau” are just two of your many options. Log in to www.abmp.com and click on “Continuing Education.”

4. Educate Your Clients—Send Them Body Sense
The more your clients know, the more they understand the value of the work you provide. Keep talking to clients even after they’ve left your table. Tools like Body Sense magazine (a free digital consumer publication found at
www.bodysensemagazine.com) and the public education website Massagetherapy.com extol the benefits of massage and bodywork when you’re not there to do so.

5. Save Money … on Everything!  
Your ABMP membership comes with a full array of discounts on everything from face cradle covers and business cards to clothing, rental cars, and computers. Take advantage of these discounts and in no time your ABMP membership will pay for itself. Log in to www.abmp.com to find all your member discounts.