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By Brandon Twyford
[News Notes]

Massage Helps Back-Pain Sufferers
The March 2015 issue of Harvard Men’s Health Watch summarized recent research on the effectiveness of massage therapy, explaining that when performed in conjunction with conventional back-pain care, “Massage therapy generally seems to be helpful … and it tends to be very safe.”
The following tips were provided as recommendations for getting the best results from massage:
• Check with a doctor to make sure massage is safe for the back condition.
• Ask the massage therapist for advice about ways to sit, walk, or work that may prevent future back pain.

Spafinder’s 2015 Trends Report
Spafinder has released its 2015 Global Spa + Wellness Trends Forecast. The report takes an “intense, research-driven view of what’s trending across the global wellness landscape” and is intended to provide companies in the health and wellness industry with the information they need to make sound decisions in the coming year.
Common themes in this year’s forecast are a desire for simplicity in today’s technologically centered world and a yearning for community in an “age of loneliness.”
The top 10 trends in this year’s forecast are:
• Beyond the Stars
• Cannabis: New Spa & Wellness Connections
• Forest Bathing
• Gut Reaction
• Hyper-Personalized Beauty
• Industrial Revolution: Blue Collar Wellness
• My Fitness. My Tribe. My Life.
• Spa On Arrival (and En Route)
• Wellness Homes, Communities, and Cities
• Wellness Traditions from the Islamic World
To learn more about each of these topics, and to view the full report, visit

Master of Science Now Open to LMTs
Bastyr University is now offering its Master of Science in Ayurvedic Sciences to LMTs in the first accredited program of its kind in the United States. Previously open only to licensed medical professionals, such as doctors and nurses, the two-year graduate program will offer hands-on clinical training with experienced faculty, with an optional externship in India, where students observe and assist ayurvedic practitioners in clinics and hospitals.
Ayurevda, the 5,000-year-old medical system of India, offers keys for creating harmony and balance in life. “It offers a way to keep ourselves and others healthy and happy, and to proceed with the full benefits of what life has to offer,” says Dhaval Dhru, MD, director of Bastyr’s ayurveda program.
For more information, contact Bastyr University’s office of admissions at 425-602-3330 or