A Healthier You

By Darren Buford
[Editor's Note]

We recently asked several hundred past recipients of massage therapy why they hadn’t received bodywork last year.     
We were startled that 29 percent of the respondents said they didn’t because they “don’t need a massage” (emphasis mine).* They added that they had “no injury, soreness, back pain, or stress” and, therefore, didn’t see a need to schedule an appointment.  
This led our team to conclude that perhaps the profession hasn’t properly conveyed the value of frequent, regular bodywork sessions. Among the numerous physical benefits consistent visits provide, massage and bodywork can:
• improve flexibility
• promote relaxation
• reduce stress
• reduce blood pressure
And the long list of benefits only gets better with more frequent massage. Simple equation: more massage=a healthier you.
So, this spring, add “get a massage” to your list of to-dos. And after you receive one—before you leave your practitioner’s office—be sure to schedule your next session. Doing so will ignite your commitment to make massage a regular part of your health-care routine. Your body and mind will reap the many rewards!

*Statistic from ABMP’s 2015 Consumer Survey, conducted by Harstad Strategic Research, Inc.